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We offer the best in the industry at what we do. By bringing together talented people with proven skills, we help our clients to bring their business online, to the precise levels and requirements they wish to accomplish. Our working system not just focuses on expanding the business, but also to establish a trusty relationship with our clients – the very reason we are globally recommended.

Limenzy Team
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Who We Are

While starting the operations in 2012 was an adventure and walking towards the windward side, we swiftly developed the two-member team to 20+ in a course of two years, and shifted operation to HiLite Business Park. Our team of highly talented people who keep their trust and dedication in us makes our operations grow faster than ever. We are deeply proud of our team, and this is phase one of our growth, which continues with the inspiration and support from our clients.

We act on time with the continuing market changes and technologies, and our major goal is always to provide top-notch service to our customers. We work end-to-end, solving challenges and boosting our clients’ businesses. Our team is proficient in the latest technologies and developments, and work with passion towards our mission to make impressive changes in the technology space!

What We Do

Our team constantly monitors the emerging technologies and eagerly implement them in our new projects to our clients’ advantages.  The approach to each new project is individually based on the requirements and target audience, regardless of the size of the company and its budget. We provide web solutions to meet varied requirements of our clients, and we are experts in WordPress, PHP Laravel, Hubspot, Shopify and other services and solutions.

We are a team of certified tech experts who are always ready for accepting challenges to provide solutions for clients, irrespective of the technology they wish to use. We have an efficient QA team to deliver quality products, and we offer free maintenance to our clients for a limited time-period. We are confident and self-assured in our works, as we win recurring projects from multiple clients, which we treat as a recognition and appreciation for our works.

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Vipin Anand V P

MD & CEO, Limenzy Technologies Pvt Ltd

Limenzy Technologies is proud to have Vipin Anand as its MD & CEO. With more than 10 years of experience in IT industry, Vipin Anand has proven to be a visionary leader and strategic thinker. Under his guidance, the company has seen tremendous growth and success.

Vipin Anand is known for his exceptional leadership skills and innovative approach to business challenges. He is passionate about company’s mission and values, and works tirelessly to ensure that the company continues to deliver outstanding results.

Limenzy Technologies is fortunate to have Vipin Anand at the helm and is confident that he will lead the company to continued growth and success in the future.

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Words about us

We focus on our
customer satisfaction.

We are connected globally and working with clients who love to collaborate with us – a wonderful and creative partnership for everyone involved! We love to bring everything that we have on the table for our clients to make them feel that they are at the right place for all their solutions.

Belief of Every Limenzian

Many years of work in this field is an excellent indicator that companies trust us, and in response, we offer unique and customized solutions for them.


Understanding Clients

We are a company that believes the customer is King. Being the leaders in the web and mobile app development industry, we always try to go beyond our customers’ expectations. We always prefer to communicate with our clients in detail and move forward with their ideas and develop on them from their perspectives. Our exposure to different areas of work, combined with many years of experience, increase our potential to deliver more than our competitors. At Limenzy, we do more, and we do efficiently.


Effective Communication

The most important part of effective communication is being a good listener. We are good at it as we listen to our clients with great attention so that they will have less things to explain. This gives us the client’s perspective to create fascinating designs, later converted to an amazing product. We have a dedicated team to bring clarity between clients and developers and who always keep in touch with clients to make them feel that they are working with someone next door, and not somebody miles away.


Assured QC & Delivery

We promise that each of our clients will be treated individually, and so the quality of all the products will be the same, irrespective of the complexity and size of the project. We have an in-house team for quality control and have a predefined process to go through to make sure that Limenzy is delivering products with excellent quality.  Before we start a project, we will have an agreed delivery date, and we plan the entire process of design and development to fit within the time span so that timely delivery is done with the desired end-product.


Satisfied Clients Across the Globe


Projects Delivered Successfully


Experts Under the Same Roof

We believe in

Reliable Delivery & Top Notch Quality Development Services

Best Client Satisfaction

It is complicated for a lot of companies to effectively manage their clients, but here in Limenzy, it is in our DNA. We consider all our clients’ businesses as our own, and work tirelessly towards their growth, and in the process, we are also growing, and our team as well. During the years, our major marketing is done through our existing clients by their recommendation of us. Client satisfaction is always at the centre of our work ecosystem.

Great Place to Work

We are a family of tech peeps. We love being together and have built great relationships that help us to be more innovative and productive. Limenzy is our second home where people with different mindset speak the language of technology while at work, and equally celebrate special days and occasions whenever possible, which is why Limenzy is recognized as a star performer who encourage and motivate people.

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Words about us

We focus on our
customer satisfaction.

We are connected globally and working with clients who love to collaborate with us – a wonderful and creative partnership for everyone involved! We love to bring everything that we have on the table for our clients to make them feel that they are at the right place for all their solutions.

Feathers in our cap

Awards and Certifications.

In recognition of our outstanding work in the field of latest web development and mobile applications development technologies, we have been appreciated, affiliated and partnered with several IT agencies and certifying bodies worldwide. We constantly thrive to achieve better productivity and performance, and with each unfolding project, we are adding new milestones to our journey.

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