Backend Development

Backend Development, also known as the Server side development is a crucial part of web development process which includes the essential coding in Java, PHP, SQL and other programming languages to build databases, servers and applications to power the website.


ASP.NET MVC is an open source framework for building Web applications in ASP.NET. Being one of the most powerful framework for building scalable, robust, and secure web applications using the MVC design pattern, ASP.NET MVC lets you optimize the development process with relatively less coding. It is an ideal platform for web developers who are experienced with the latest web technologies, and also those who want to continue using their favorite development tools and Microsoft’s language compilers or debuggers. ASP.NET MVC provides the standard and flexibility that you need when building dynamic websites, all with a consistent control over the web development process. At Limenzy, we use ASP.NET MVC to build scalable, robust web applications. With the demand for fast performance and clear separation of development duties, our ASP.NET MVC services offer a powerful, open, and extensible form of web development. So hire our services today, and get started with building your website!

Laravel Development

Laravel is an open source web development tool which provides a beautiful syntax and out-of-the box support for common web development needs such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching. It aims to make the development process a lot smoother, faster and less complicated. Laravel takes care of a lot of the heavy work that other PHP frameworks require, such as organizing Routes, Model-View-Controller architecture, Controllers, Views, Layouts, etc. Laravel also has a built-in ORM for database queries called Eloquent ORM. Developed with a modular design, it aims to address the need for rapid development and clean code. If you’re looking for a Laravel development company who can design, code, and maintain your application from scratch, then look no more. At Limenzy, we will provide professional Laravel development services for your company’s next website or software project. Laravel is a perfect choice for startups who want to implement their website at a low cost, but at the same time offering enterprise-level scalability.


Zend is another open source platform which is PHP based, and ideal tool for web and mobile development. It is a powerful, secure, and lightweight PHP framework that helps you build secure and robust web applications. Some of the comprehensive features of Zend include advanced encryption technologies, reliable customer support, migration and modernizing to alternative PHP frameworks or Laminas, performance optimization etc. At Limenzy, we offer a range of products and services that simplify and accelerate the process of crafting and deploying beautiful, functional apps, and also provide enterprise-grade, open-source products and services for the modern, cloud-native applications. From our SQL server to our PHP framework and MVC implementation, we offer everything you need to build amazing apps quickly and easily through Zend. Hire our services today, and get started with building your website exactly the way you need it!



CakePHP is one of the powerful open source frameworks, and one of the simplest frameworks for developing web applications. It is a proven PHP based cross platform web framework that works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It offers a streamlined development process and is well-suited for building custom web applications. Our CakePHP solutions aim to provide a rich set of components and extensions that allow our developers to quickly and efficiently build robust and powerful web applications for you. Some of the essential features of CakePHP include ability to build prototypes promptly, easing setting up of databases, simple MVC implementation for less coding, advanced security etc. In addition to being a quick platform to develop web applications and generating SEO friendly URLs, CakePHP is also suitable for achieving great control over SQL queries. Get in touch with Limenzy to get a quote for developing robust web applications with CakePHP.


Node.js is another popular, open source server-side JavaScript runtime environment maintained by various contributors for executing JavaScript outside of a web browser. It can be used to write scalable server-side and networking applications and websites, sometimes used in conjunction with other web development platforms. Node.js enables developers to build fast and scalable web and network applications, revolutionizing how they use JavaScript. Node.js doesn’t block I/O operations, thus making it more efficient and transparent. The essential working of Node.js is that every task can be isolated into individual nodes, which enables the developers to run tasks concurrently, without exhausting the server capacity. At Limenzy, we offer Node.js solutions with advanced functionality and features for your website, mobile app, games or any other applications. Some of the advantages of our Node.js applications include scalability, speed, flexibility, performance, caching, active support etc. Hire our developers and get started with your project straightaway!



CodeIgniter is another open source framework which is perfect for all your project needs. The framework can be used to develop any type of web application, from e-commerce to social networking, and is based on MVC architecture. CodeIgniter is super-flexible, lightweight and has a modular architecture, making it easy to extend, and comes with powerful ASP-like MVC structure, and has the advantage of an extremely fast development time. With CodeIgniter, you can create a fully-functional web site in minutes. Use our extensive services to create data-driven web sites quickly and easily. At Limenzy, our programmers will think and work out all the elements you need in a web framework, and make it super easy for you to set up and run your website or app in minutes. No more spending hours getting your MVC framework installed, CodeIgniter does all of that for you. Get in touch with Limenzy to discuss and work out your business idea!

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