Database Management

Whether you are looking for a database to manage your inventory, track your finances, or store customer contact information, or any other business needs, you need an appropriate database management solution. Our database management solutions are designed to be scalable, reliable, and easy-to-use. We also offer customer support to answer any questions you might have about the solutions offered by us.


MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database, powering millions of websites and apps. It is used by web and cloud providers, institutions and news organizations, as well as by startups and small scale individual business owners. It is a fast, reliable, and easy-to-use relational database management system, and offers unprecedented protection against data loss through highly sophisticated storage engines, and with its unique data replication technology,and backup tools. We have a highly dedicated team of MySQL developers who will kick-start and run your database in minutes, with powerful features for scalable web-based applications, including cross-platform availability, and encryption. Customers worldwide know MySQL as the leading open source database for web applications and high performance applications. With the intuitive interface and the powerful features, our MySQL projects will help you manage your data more easily and cost-effectively.



MongoDB is yet another major cross-platform, open source document-oriented database. It is one of the leading NoSQL database, powering many of the world’s most prominent applications, featuring high availability, horizontal scalability, and high performance. It enables new types of high-performance and high-scale applications, delivering relatively fast and predictable scalability. It’s the perfect fit for startups, SMBs, and enterprises alike. MongoDB is used by hundreds of thousands of organizations all around the world and across most major industries. So, let us know your next big idea, and our trained developers will make it possible for you! Our MongoDB solutions provide a unique blend of scalability, robustness, and agility in a single package by storing data in a document-oriented structure, supported by dynamic queries. With our MongoDB solutions, organizations can explore new ways of working without any concerns about operational complexity or downtime. At Limenzy, we’re ever committed to delivering projects in a seamless fashion, and getting you the much desired productivity quickly.


DynamoDB is a product of Amazon Web Services (AWS), with a simple API and excellent query options. DynamoDB is a much more versatile model than MySQL or MongoDB, because instead of choosing instances (computing power, storage capacity etc.), we chose the read and write capacity via GET and PUT queries, which let you run your applications based on actual usage, and hence better cost efficiency. With our DynamoDB services, you can run your applications without worrying about installing software, managing servers etc. We help you build your database, which also supports auto scaling as per your actual requirement, integrated into a solid, functional database. Through FGAC, the admin can protect data, and allocate access and privileges to persons based on specific requirements. It also allows the admin to set TTL to monitor expired data, and delete them automatically. Many of these robust features of DynamoDB makes it a suitable alternative to other databases.



Redis, standing for Remote Dictionary Server, is an also an open source database which provides a wide range of data structures and queries, replication technology, and other unique features which makes it perfect for speedy operations and applications. Some of the advanced features of Redis includes superior cache speed, supporting different data models, simultaneous write instructions, flexible rules related to database schemas and tables, supporting other databases as a supplementary database, etc. Easy to set up, and relatively less maintenance requirement thereafter, Redis is an ideal option for many businesses and enterprises. At Limenzy, we offer a diverse range of Redis based solutions for varied applications such as gaming, commercial services, banking, pharmaceuticals etc. Hire our best Redis developers and start your database right away!

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