E-commerce has changed the world forever about how users buy and sell products worldwide. Now, with a simple click, and a few procedures, users can buy products of their preference anywhere from the world. There are different popular e-commerce platforms available and each of them are better at what they do, and offer great services and products to customers.


WooCommerce is a powerful, extendable e-commerce solution that helps you sell anything on the internet. It has a beautiful and user-friendly interface and can be accessed by any device or platform. WooCommerce is a fully functional e-commerce solution that is both open-source and incredibly easy to use. With our WooCommerce solutions, you can open your own online store and sell your products online and grow your business, and can be integrated with other services.  Easy to use, and no coding required, our WooCommerce solutions help you sell both digital and physical products, build an online store, or create an online marketplace. Plus, WooCommerce is built with WordPress — the tool that powers millions of websites on the internet, which is an added advantage. No matter the mode of your work and business model, WooCommerce connects sellers with buyers with powerful tools that let you run an effective and successful business.



OsCommerce is another world’s most popular, open source shopping cart solution that works with any business model and venture. With OsCommerce, you can create a hugely successful online store with tons of features, including the ability to sell your products, digital download and solutions, services, subscriptions, and more! At Limenzy, we have everything you need to get started selling your products online. If you want to start, grow, or build an online business, look no further and contact us today itself. Our OsCommerce solutions are designed with the small and medium-sized businesses in mind, but are equally suitable for enterprises and corporations. With OsCommerce and its latest versions, we provide a solid and reliable platform for your business for a reasonable price with excellent features. Manage your orders, market and sell your products, and do much more with our OsCommerce services!


OpenCart is another online store management system based on PHP, which provides a flexible management console with a broad variety of features that suit all e-commerce needs, from a small online grocery store to medium and large-scale distribution businesses. With OpenCart, you can create professional online stores with no requisite for programming knowledge. Our OpenCart online store builder is full of awesome features, intuitive and easy-to-use. Just insert your products, create categories, set up your catalog, and you’re ready to go! Our OpenCart platform lets you have complete control over your content, layout, product range etc. You can also integrate with any payment gateway for processing payments. Apart from the rich creative features, Our OpenCart solutions also offer SEO operations, SEO-friendly URL options, storefront design, multiple languages, currencies and more, all at your convenience. Get connected with Limenzy for setting up your OpenCart account and start selling your products online!



BigCommerce is one of the world’s most trusted platforms due to its unmatched features, reliability, and award-winning support. Similar to some of the other e-commerce platforms, BigCommerce is an easy way to start, run and grow your online store. Thousands of businesses all across the globe rely on BigCommerce to power their online businesses with the help of powerful tools and in-built features. At Limenzy, we offer BigCommerce solutions with robust integrations and add-ons available in the marketplace, and we offer everything you need to embark your business ideas for relatively small budgets. We offer advanced tools and support to manage every part of your business, from inventory and order management, to checkout and customer service — everything in one place. Our services are well established among clients, both in India and abroad, and we will help you start your own ecommerce store in less than 10 minutes.

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