Frontend Development

Frontend Development denotes to the aspect of web development technology for the end-user experience, such as developing GUI through programming languages like HTML, JavaScript etc. Both the aesthetic and functionality side of the website is achieved through frontend development, which makes your website look great, easy-to-use and functionally robust.


Angular is one of the most powerful toolkits for building modern mobile and web based applications, which will increase your productivity by reducing the development time and improving code quality. It is a fast growing JavaScript framework, and is a very popular framework in terms of job listings and the like. Thousands of developers, including Google and Microsoft, use Angular to create mobile and desktop apps. At Limenzy, we make use of Angular as a full-featured development platform for building mobile and desktop HTML5 web applications. Unlike other frameworks, our Angular solutions encourage good software engineering practices like Test Driven Development and Design Patterns which will help your apps become increasingly robust and last longer. Contact us today itself with your business idea, and we will take care of the design and coding for your website or app, so that you will have everything you need to make your business develop into a successful one.



Vue.js is one of the most lightweight, open source, fastest, and easy-to-use JavaScript frameworks for building interactive web interfaces. This framework is perfect for building modern SPA’s which use reactive data bindings to efficiently update an application’s views. Vue.js also has its own routing system, for creating single page applications that load faster and use less resources than traditional web applications. Vue.js has many features that make it easy for developers to create powerful, yet simple web interfaces in both single-page (SPA) and multi-page (MPA) applications. At Limenzy, our Vue.js solutions offer data-reactive components with declarative bindings, but retains the freedom to use other view layers if desired. From building simple to complex UIs, for startups and enterprises alike, our Vue.js solutions are fast, flexible, and efficient, and ideal for any type of application or solution our clients require. Get in touch with us to discuss your business idea, and get started developing your webpage the way you need it.


PWA or progressive web application is a framework for developing both mobile and desktop applications. It aims to offer a compelling application-like experience in a browser. PWAs take advantage of the latest browser technologies, combining the best features of a website and a mobile app, which empower them to offer an application-like experience, while meeting the specific needs of the web. At Limenzy, we offer PWA services and what sets them apart is their ability to deliver a native app-style user experience, including the immersive full-screen experience, while taking up less space on your phone and having minimal installation time. With our Progressive Web Apps, you get the best of both worlds – the benefits of mobile-specific features like push notifications and an app store through the convenience of a full-fledged web app. Get featured in App Stores like Google Play & Apple Store, get more users on mobile, and exalt your product or brand to the next level with Limenzy’s progressive web apps.



React is another open source programming framework for building interfaces that are composed of small, discrete components, used for creating interactive, single page user interfaces and mobile applications. React allows you to create reiterative UI components that keep your code self-contained and easy to understand, which translates into extra stability and long-term maintainability. React provides developers the ability to create large and complex applications without compromising performance. One of the finest choices for web developers around the globe, React is used by Facebook, Instagram etc. to create easy-to-maintain, high-performing user interfaces, and which now envelops large parts of the JavaScript ecosystem. At Limenzy, using React we build interactive UIs and applications for our clients, and will efficiently update and render just the right components when your data changes. If you feel it’s time to build your next project with React, contact us today itself, and we will do the necessary work to enact your project goal.

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